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Thermal Isolation

Heat losses, thermal bridges and condensation are common problems where temperature differences occur.

Wood protection

Wood is a living material that requires maintenance. Some woods require more while others require less. Common is that they likely will dry out, rot or mold if not protected properly.


Vibration is the primary source of annoying sounds. We are exposed to these irritating sounds on a daily basis when we drive, work and play.

Rust Protection

For nearly 100 years, the world's vehicle manufacturers - and owners - have fought against a common enemy: rust.


Advanced Coating Solutions

MCoating International offers a wide range of effective materials that damp vibrations, prevent structure borne sounds and avoid condensation. The products have a low weight and is easy to apply. Produced in Sweden by Auson Ab, are officially distributed by MCoating International also in the Benelux.

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Noxudol Thermal Insulation X9 anticonden
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