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Noxudol X9 has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity that gives the compound extremely good protection against condensation. The product is consequently used in areas including insulation of boat hulls, treatment of ventilation plants and thermal insulation of machine components. Noxudol X9 is also used to protect installations within industry. Noxudol X9 is a thermal insulation and condensation protection paste intended for metal and plastic in thickness between 1-3 mm, like ships’ hulls, ventilating ducts etc.




Noxudol X9 should only be applied on carefully cleaned surfaces. The compound can be applied by means of spray equipment or brush on both metal and plastic. To achieve an effective condensation protection the recommended thickness is 1-3 mm dry film, depending on the basis. The film thickness will also influence the drying time, normally 6-12 h at room temperature. The product sets in two steps. First the water evaporates, and then a chemical hardening takes place during the next 7-14 days, depending on temperature. After the evaporating the film is dry, manageable and already has a protecting effect. This effect increases during the chemical hardening. The insulating compound’s excellent adhesiveness means that it affixes securely to the under layer and can also be coated with more paints. A practical test has to be done first on a smaller area to make sure that the paste withstands the paint.


  • Color: White

  • Consistency: Paste

  • Density at 20° C: 690 ± 30 kg/m³

  • Dry content: 56 ± 2 %

  • Solvents: Water

  • Film thickness: 1,0 – 3,0 mm dry film

  • Removable with: Water, if it isn´t dry

  • Application temperature: 15 - 25° C

  • Storing time: 12 months

  • Storing temperature: 5 - 35 ° C

  • Thermal conductivity: 0,085 W/mkv