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Spray equipments & application methodos



Airless Spray: A single coat built up with a number of quick passes allows greater control over quantities, thickness and finish. In certain conditions, it may be advantageous to apply two thin coats rather than one thick coat. It is necessary to ensure that the first coat has dried to touch.

Nozzle 529 - 327 

Spray pump 56:1 / 60:1 minimum equipment



Untreated surfaces of steel in moist environment and amphoteric metal surfaces such as unalloyed aluminium, zinc etc. which can react with bases must be primed before treatment to ensure good adhesion.

Surface should be clean, dry, free of oil, grease, and mildew prior to application.


Noxudol 3101 / 3100 is designed to adhere to most surfaces such as aluminum, wood, frp, steel, wood and fiberglass.


It also adheres to primer.

A Adhesion test must be performed before application.


Noxudol 3100/3101/X9 is supplied ready to use. This product will appear thick. A mixing blade must be use with a drill for a minimum of 5 min to achieve the necessary, smooth texture of the material required before spraying.


NO adding water.

Thinning may affect the properties of the Noxudol products.

 # WFT measure


During application, the wet film thickness should be checked using a wet film gauge.

The gauge will indicate the thickness achieved.

It is important to ensure that the first layer of wet film applied does not exceed 1000 mu WFT.

After the first layer has dried underknee, second layer can be applied.Thickness cannot exceed 2000 mu WFT for layer.


 # Wet Coating 


#Dry Coating     


Drying time is dependent upon a number of factors:

· Temperature
· Air movement
· Humidity
· Thickness of Noxudol
· Method of application

Noxudol can be over coated with itself as soon as the previous is totally dry.

It may be advantageous to allow a longer drying time between coats as this will reduce the final drying time.​

Less thick are the layer faster they drys. 
Can be top coated with Acrylic and Epoxy in the color preferred after cure time.

Cure time is 14 days from application.​

Application on top of PUR FOAM and Glues are allowed after curing time is reached.

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