• Noxudol 3101 is a waterborne viscous, elastic sound damping paste based on polymer, developed for users which have high demands on fire safety. Due to its viscous elastic flexibility it converts sound producing resonance into heat. The material holds good adhesive qualities and is water resistance when hardened.

    Noxudol 3101

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    • Noxudol 3101 is a sound damping paste intended for metal and plastic in thickness between 0,5-5,0 mm, like car bodies, ships’ hulls, ventilating ducts etc. The material should preferably be applied with sprayer, but could be painted on or applied by roller. The product effectively eliminates disturbing sounds. The product contains anti corrosives and even gives some protection against condensation. Noxudol 3101 has a high damping factor despite low weight/unit area, approx. half the weight compared with traditional bitumen carpets. Noxudol 3101 has a high abrasion resistance.

      Is approved to be used on passenger ships by certificate:

      - Lloyd Certificate of Fire Approval 
      - Bureau Veritas Certificate of Type Approval 
      - Smoke generation 3101 ISO 5659-2 (1994) 
      - Spread of flame 3101 IMO Resolution A.653(16) 
      - Noxudol 3101 F0 Class 
      - Noxudol 3101 M1 Class